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LiFi Technology: Unleashing the Power of Light for Enhanced Connectivity

Oledcomm is reinventing wireless communication standards by harnessing the power of LiFi technology. They are revolutionizing wireless communications by using light to transmit and receive information at unprecedented speeds to bring you greater security and mobility wherever radio waves are not desired. With 33 patents and 15 years of R&D experience, Oledcomm's PhDs and engineers are developing the photonic communication solutions of the future for the Aerospace, Defense, Cybersecurity and Industrial markets.

How LiFi makes a difference

Absolute safety

A reduced energy footprint

Unparalleled speed

Preserving your health

Wireless mobility without the interference

What is LiFi ?

LiFi or “Light Fidelity”, is a wireless communication system using light. LEDs have the ability to turn on and off several million times per second. Using the invisible spectrum of light, infrared, Oledcomm converts information into binary data, much like optical Morse code. This modulation occurs so quickly, more than 10 million times per second, that the eye can’t perceive it.

The advantages of LiFi

  • Fast, stable connectivity with speeds up to 5 Gbps.
  • Absolute security with the partitioning of data in the broadcast area.
  • A reduction in energy consumption.
  • Uniform, latency-free coverage even when multiple users are connected simultaneously.
  • A light and space-saving technology thanks to the replacement of cables by a light beam.
  • A non-harmful data transmission system because it doesn’t use radio waves.
  • A cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing LED lighting infrastructure, eliminating the need for significant changes or additional investments.

Cybersecurity at the heart of our approach

In a world where the most sensitive business is handled electronically, cybersecurity has become a major issue to which current technologies have not provided a decisive answer. History has proven that the radio waves emitted by WiFi, because they can pass through walls, don’t allow governments, law firms or embassies to handle confidential files with absolute security. The LiFiMAX device, by broadcasting Internet data via a light beam, doesn’t penetrate walls and allows a connection strictly limited to the room in which it is installed. In essence, LiFi is therefore unhackable, and provides an entirely foolproof connectivity solution in terms of cybersecurity.

Optimal connectivity for all

Because of its broadcasting mode, LiFi allows uniform coverage of the room in which it is installed. In an open space, for example, the installation of several WiFi terminals would be necessary for everyone to benefit from the same connection quality. Thanks to LiFi, the simple installation of 2 Access Points on the ceiling, completed by the presence of Photonic Antennas to multiply the network, allows to offer to each person a stable and robust connectivity simultaneously, without latency.

An alternative to radio frequency waves

The omnipresence of WiFi in our daily lives is raising more and more questions. Although still undefined, the impact of near-permanent exposure to electromagnetic waves on the brain and on the development of diseases is of concern, and the need for a connectivity solution without radio frequency pollution is felt. Because it doesn’t use radio waves, LiFi connectivity is completely harmless, and provides a concrete answer to a central issue in the future of Internet connection.

Our LiFi solutions

LiFi solutions for Secure offices

Secure offices

Our LiFi solutions deliver ultra-secure wireless connectivity for offices and corporate environments. Sensitive

data can be transmitted securely, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorized access.

LiFi solutions for Education


Our LiFi technology brings responsible digital tech solutions for educational institutions. With wireless connectivity

that operates without radio waves, LiFi ensures a healthier learning environment by reducing electromagnetic exposure. It provides fast and reliable internet access for classrooms or libraries, supporting the seamless integration of digital resources and fostering educational advancement.

LiFi Solutions for Industry and Transportation

Industry & Transportation

Our LiFi solutions offer wireless optics for industries and transportation sectors, ensuring communication without

interference where electromagnetic compatibility is crucial. By implementing LiFi, industrial facilities and transportation systems can maintain uninterrupted and secure data transfer without compromising safety.

LiFi solutions for Defense


Our LiFi technology, called SOHIFA and presented under the brand name SOLERIS®, is a robust, high speed optical

wireless connectivity designed for short distances (last mile connectivity). SOFIHA creates bubbles of connectivity in a plug and play mode on all IT networks.
SOFIHA communication bubbles are deployed post command centers, airplanes/helicopters, armoured vehicules, swarm communication, drone companion, patrol, and liaison type collaborate warfare.

LiFi solutions for Home


Our LiFiMAX Compact Starter Kit is the worldwide's first LiFi plug and play home solution for your home office, your living

room, your kitchen, etc.
Protect your family from overexposure to radio waves and increase your network security with our unique solution.

LiFiMAX Compact starter kit

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Frequently asked questions about LiFi

What is LiFi?

LiFi stands for “Light Fidelity”. It’s one of the latest innovations in communication, aiming to improve current technologies by using invisible light, instead of radio waves, as a means of data transmission.

How does LiFi work?

LiFi is a mobile, two-way, high-speed communication technology using light. It consists of several LEDs forming a wireless network. When an electric current is transmitted to these LEDs, a stream of light (photons) is emitted by this device. The LEDs are semiconductors, which means that they can be modulated at high rates. The signal is then received by a sensor that interprets the modulations of the light (the signal) as data. The modulation cannot be seen by the human eye, so the communication is as invisible as other radio systems. This allows users to be connected wherever a LiFi infrastructure is deployed.

Can we see the LiFi signal?

The LEDs used to transmit LiFi signals are modulated at such a fast rate that the eye cannot perceive any “flicker”. This is similar to the way our eyes do not perceive the transition between frames in a movie. For comparison purposes, the lowest frequency at which LiFi devices are modulated is 1 MHz, which is 10,000 times higher than the refresh rate of our computer monitors.