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Official Swiss Partner of Oledcomm

Bringing invisible light connectivity to prioritize safety, speed, health, and mobility

Who are we?

Since the incorporation of productiveNetwork GmbH on 13 October 2017, we have established ourselves in Switzerland with the development and production of extremely efficient mounting systems for the telecommunications industry. Our solutions are used in the fields of energy production, shipping and data centres. Thanks to our sound technical skills as well as our market knowledge, we are able to quickly develop tailor-made solutions that enable our customers to optimise their rack space, cooling and project costs.

We are also proud to be Oledcomm’s exclusive sales and distribution partner in Switzerland and Liechtenstein since 3 April 2023. Our team has acquired technical know-how over the years to represent Oledcomm’s pioneering LiFi technology in Switzerland with LiFiMAX and to shape the future of wireless communication. We also develop and produce our own solutions based on Oledcomm products that combine connectivity and room lighting.

productiveNetwork GmbH stands for innovation, technical excellence and the creation of sustainable tailor-made solutions.


by a powerful mission

Our mission is to sustainably establish Oledcomm’s LiFi technology in Switzerland. In doing so, we ensure the enhancement of safety aspects, reliable and secure data transmission, as well as freedom from radiation and the noticeable improvement of electromagnetic compatibility in connection with connectivity. We also develop and produce our own innovative product solutions that exceed our customers’ current and future requirements. In our interaction with customers and partners, we act quickly, flexibly, solution-oriented and courteously.

  • Our story
  • Oledcomm's story

Our story

From 2012 to today

Our adventure begins in 2012 in a garage where we have started experimenting with the development and production of very effective mounting systems for the telecommunications industry.

Oledcomm's story

From 2005 to today

Our adventure begins in 2005 in the research laboratories of the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin with the first research on communication via visible light.

Our story

From 2005 to today

Our adventure begins in 2005 in the research laboratories of the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin with the first research on communication via visible light.


Our values

By acting with a high level of integrity and professional ethics, we create a collaborative and trusting work environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and partners who share our values.

Think and work smart l Embrace challenge l Be innovative l Exceed expectations


Learning is at the heart of our development, we are eager to improve and adapt to the digital world


We are passionate about technological innovation and management.Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and calculated risk-taking, we are revolutionizing connectivity every day

Fast execution

Agile, we act with speed and dynamism to achieve the company’s missions and satisfy our customer


Through our technology and processes, we work for the common good and environmental responsibility

Our Team

Our team, composed mainly of PhD holders and engineers of international renown, is revolutionizing tomorrow’s connectivity thanks to its expertise in electronics, mechanics, optics and software.
We control the entire life cycle of our products, from design to deployment. All the

hardware and software design of our products is done in our R&D laboratories located in Vélizy-Villacoublay. Guided by the management team, our R&D, purchasing, production, sales and logistics teams put their skills to work for the benefit of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our team

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Adrian Hauser
Managing Director

While I started with a big interest in electronics and networks, I soon realised that the inspiration is coming from people.

Konrad Graf 20190218
Konrad Graf
Director of Sales and Marketing

"Performance Through Network" is the basic building block for success, whether in business or in life. It's all about relationships and trusted people.

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Andreas Otter
Director of Finance

Simplifying administration and constantly optimizing processes leads to success and growth.

Simon Wirz Portrait-Cropped
Simon Wirz
Director of Production

To deal with technological challenges and to make things happen is what drives and motivates me.

Robert Jungblut
Robert Jungblut
Senior Project Manager

Let's shape the future together and not lose sight of people's needs. Because with passion and determination, we can achieve great things!

Oledcomm's laboratories and intellectual property

World leader with 34 LiFi patents

As Oledcomm was founded in the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay, research, development and innovation are part of their DNA. Thanks to Oledcomm’s 16 years of R&D and the determination of their teams, they have built a portfolio of 34 patents. This makes Oledcomm the world leader in LiFi intellectual property.
Oledcomm benefits from the technological resources and cutting-edge research equipment in the laboratories of the University of Paris-Saclay.





Scientists & researchers


Oledcomm's certifications

Committed to the continuous
improvement of the quality of Oledcomm's
processes and concerned about their
environmental impact, Oledcomm has
been certified ISO 9001 and 14001 since

In line with our cybersecurity approach, our
products are in the process of ANSSI
certification for deployment in militarized

Since cybersecurity is a major issue for
Oldedcomm and for their customers,
Oleccomm's products have been tested
and validated by Orange Cyberdefense.

As winner of the prestigious European
Innovation Council Accelerator program in
2021, Oledcomm is supported by the
European Union in the development of their
projects in the aerospace sector.

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