LiFi in education: shedding light on teaching

Enjoying the full benefits of digital education without latency or radio waves is no longer a pipe dream. It’s a reality made possible by LiFi, a revolutionary technology of wireless communication through light.

LiFi for the first time in a Paris region kindergarten

The democratization of LiFi for education continues at light-speed: Oledcomm has installed a LiFi system in the Chantefleur kindergarten in L’Isle-Adam, France. The school becomes the first kindergarten in the Paris region to be equipped with this technology. This is a symbolic step forward for LiFi and for the educational sector, and it promises great educational opportunities.

Internet security: why opt for Lifi?

Although WiFi is still used in the majority of these areas, history has shown that it is not able to offer a satisfactory response to the problem of cyber security. Because these issues cannot be treated lightly, sensitive sectors are increasingly turning to another wireless connection technology that could well become the benchmark for secure networks: LiFi

6 benefits of LiFi

Safer, healthier, more efficient and lighter than traditional technologies, LiFi is on its way to revolutionize the concept of connectivity in many areas.

LiFiMAXTab – the LiFi tablet by Oledcomm

During the 2022 CES, Oledcomm, a French company specialising in LiFi, had the honor of presenting its latest creation: the LiFiMAXTab, the tablet with integrated LiFi.

What are the challenges of cybersecurity?

In an era where the major movements of our society are based on the Internet, and where our professional and personal data are stored on it, the question of cybersecurity is more than ever at the center of our concerns. However, this need for security increases proportionally to the complexity of our computer systems and, consequently, to the difficulty we have in protecting them effectively against the ever increasing number of ingenious attacks. Given the apparent fragility of current means of protection, it is incumbent upon technological innovation players to rethink the notion of cybersecurity. So what changes are coming in this area, and why are they so crucial?