Secure offices

LiFi at the service of cyber security

The advantages

LiFi, an ultra-secure wireless connectivity to guarantee the confidentiality of your sensitive data



Inherent security of light, the signal using invisible near infrared light. The absence of radio waves makes it undetectable because

the signal does not emit any electromagnetic signature, and it is undetectable and non-interceptable outside the room. Indeed, the optical signal does not pass through the walls of the secure room. A software brick, the LiFiMAXController® allows the management of logs, 802.1X, VLAN, 128-bit AES key for the LiFi link, captive portal.

Connection quality

The light signal has better stability, higher speed and lower latency than WiFi. It is the optical fiber without physical support! It is

then possible to get rid of the network congestion phenomena generated by radio interferences. A real comfort in use is also guaranteed in a context where video conferences are initiated daily.


Offers the agility of a wireless technology with the performance of a wired connection. LiFi enables mobility in the workspace through

uninterrupted roaming between Photonic Antennas and Access Points.

Ultra-secure connectivity

Rather than using radio waves, LiFi uses the light spectrum to transmit and receive data. Light has a significant advantage: it doesn’t pass through walls. The use of light to exchange data allows to physically secure connectivity within a defined area. LiFi is therefore, by nature unhackable, undetectable and non-interferable thus offering the absolute security of your connectivity.

In order to provide additional security, Oledcomm has developed the LiFiMAXController®, a software program integrated to the access point allowing the complete management and configuration of your network infrastructure.

Better connectivity

  • Our solutions offer improved stability and reduced latency

  • The absence of radio interference avoids network saturation

  • Bandwidth is shared more equitably, thanks to Oledcomm’s patented technology

*Test performed in laboratory with a LATNEX – HF-B8G device on 12 terminals connected simultaneously (Professional High Frequency and RF Meter)

*Context of the measurement: available speed during the test: 93/90 Mbps. 12 users connected simultaneously. Measured with

Use cases
Secure offices LiFi

Crisis room

Secure room

Administration room

Law firms

Medical practice


Our LiFiMAX® product line

CSPN certification in progress

Access Point

Allows access to the network, contains the intelligence of the LiFi system, including the LiFiMAXController®.

Photonic Antenna

A transmitter and signal repeater that allows optimal coverage of the space.

Integrated Receivers

Tablet shells/casings with integrated LiFi for your iOS and Android tablets.

LiFi Key/Dongle/Receiver

To connect computers, tablets and smartphones in plug and play.


An additional security layer that allows you to remotely manage all Access Points on your network, configure authentication and monitor logs.
Currently undergoing ANSSI CSPN certification.

Our cybersecurity offer :

  • Preliminary study of the secured areas to be equipped
  • Supply of LiFi equipment
  • Installation and setup
  • Integration with your IT and cyber infrastructure
  • User training
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment
  • Technical hotline


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